>>Josh Hare


Based in Chicago, Josh serves as Vice President of Sales for Viant’s Central U.S. sales group, and is a veteran of both online and traditional media.


In his current role at Viant, Josh oversees revenue growth and sales strategy, as well as relationships with both brands and agencies. His primary focus is on helping clients gain deeper insights into their customers’ online and offline paths to purchase.


Utilizing a first-party database and technology that delivers true cross device and cross-channel initiatives with real, data-driven results, Josh and his team provide greater transparency into marketing ROI.


With Viant's people-based platform, Viant Advertising Cloud™, brands can now map the full customer journey and directly link the impact of digital advertising programs to both e-commerce and actual in-store sales to answer the age-old question of: What did I get for my money?


Prior to working at Viant, Josh spent the first seven years of his career working at a broadcast network canvassing major advertising agencies and brands in the traditional and digital space.


Josh holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated in 2000.