>>Mark Osborne


Mark Osborne has nearly 20 years of experience helping marketers use technology in leveraging data to deliver customer delight through seemingly serendipitous moments; one-to-one ‘consumer:brand’ relationships at scale.  In April 2017, Advertising Age named Mark among the Top 25 ‘Marketing Technology Trailblazers’ shaping the modern marketing landscape.  Mark’s background spans broadcast media conglomerates and digital startups. Currently, he works at Conversion Logic, delivering analytics / attribution solutions using machine learning innovations for world leading brands.  Mark earned an MBA from the University of Southern California, is iab Digital Data Solutions Certified, and serves as Co-Chair of the LA chapter of the Digital Analytics Association. Mark is currently writing “The Ten Truths of Modern Marketing”, a guide for marketers trying to make sense of the fast-changing landscapes of customer data, AdTech/MarTech, and emerging media platforms.  Learn more at TenTruthsMarketing.com.


Most CMOs today spend more on technology than many CTOs. With a new "shiny object" appearing daily, it's hard to know where to focus. What AdTech/MarTech tools should you be using? What 1st, 2nd, 3rd Party Data will improve your marketing? How do marketers make sense of it all?


Mark Osborne is an AdAge "Top 25 Marketing Technology Trailblazer." He is also, Senior Director of Client Success at Conversion Logic. Mark has spent his entire career in marketing spanning media, technology, digital strategy, attribution and much more. Currently, he is writing a book titled "The Ten Truths of Modern Marketing: A Strategic Framework for Marketers delivering the hyper-contextual experience modern customers demand."


In his presentation, Mark will share his strategic framework for evaluating current marketing challenges through the lens of potential technology solutions. Included, are interactive calculators for ranking current organizational readiness, comparing alternate solutions, and tracking your path to digital transformation covering many popular buzzwords and acronyms like CRM, DMP, attribution, automation, and more. After his presentation you'll be able to create a strategic vision for your organization and prioritize marketing technology projects that will make the biggest impact, with the least effort, as quickly as possible.